トミー富田 年表

Japanese(日本語)    English(英語)

1939 Born in Tokyo
1964 Opened Coffee Shop "Tommy" in Ochanomizu, Tokyo
1966 Opened Restaurant "Tommy" in Ochanomizu Tokyo
1968 Opened Jazz Club "Nero Bianco" in Roppongi, Tokyo
1972 Opened Jazz Club "Ballantine's" in Roppongi, Tokyo
1972 Became a member of Japanese Luge Team the winter Olympic game in Sapporo
1978 Opened Jazz Club "Ballantine's 2" in Roppongi, Tokyo
1985 came to New York and traveled all over the United States to introduce a new music trend of Japan through TV/Radio programs and magazines
1987 Settle down in Harlem
1988 Started Harlem Tour for Japanese tourist and Music booking business
1992 Received Harlem 125th. Innkeepers Association Award for my contribution to Community Volunteer Activity
1994 Received Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Excellence Award for Harlem civic league
1994 Produced "Harlem night Concert" in Yokohama 5days
1994 Produced of concert "Japan Jazz All-Stars" in Apollo Theater
1994 Established "Harlem Connection Inc."
1997〜Nippon Club Member
1997 Harlem Japanese Gospel Choir started at Memorial Baptist Church (Workshop every Saturday)
2003〜2008 Produced "Harlem night Concert" in Yokohama 5days
2003〜2008 every month , booking Gospel Musicians to Japan
2006 Recieved "Apollo Award" for his years of committed support to Apollo Amateur Night.
2007Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Harlem Japanese Gospel Choir at Baptist House of Prayer Church
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